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All Day Rich UI Technology Session

The central theme for our conference this year is Rich UI Application Development, and we are starting off with an all day session on Tuesday showcasing seven different methods to accomplish a Rich UI.  Each method will have an hour dedicated to showing you what it can do and how it was used to create our standard demonstration order entry application.  If you see something you are interested in learning more about, there will be corresponding labs to attend to get your hands dirty.


womenIT The WMCPA is hosting its third annual Women in IT event, Educate, Engage, EMPOWER! Join us for a day of networking and conversation about the unique experiences women have in STEM specialties especially Information Technology. 
      We will discuss multiple topics through the day alternating between presentations, moderated panels, and group discussions. Using varied sources and materials we will examine issues relevant to succeeding in our careers.

Four Great panels and group discussions!  
  • The "Prove it Again" panel, we will consider the concept that men are judged by their potential and women by their achievements. Have you ever felt you needed to prove competency multiple times for the same skill set?
  • The "Tightrope Principle" panel, we explore the balancing act between being considered a doormat and the dreaded "B" designation.
  • The "Tug of War" panel, we weigh the relationships between women in male dominated environments and how they can be problematic.
  • The "Maternal Wall", we discuss the juggling act that is parenting and maintaining a career simultaneously.
In addition to the above Alison Butterill will deliver our keynote, "Women in IT: My Advice from Experience". This promises to be a day you'll want to attend!