4th Annual Free Event


Career Paths and Mentoring Find a Mentor! Be a Mentor!

"Information Technology” encompasses a wide range of careers. Learn about many of the in demand, well-paying opportunities in this field. A variety of career paths and experience will be presented by women in Information Technology.

This event is a great way for young women to discover the opportunities available to them when they pursue a career in IT.  The WMCPA in conjunction with our generous sponsors are providing the funding for this. High schools that would like to attend should contact Jim Buck (President of the WMCPA and Gateway IT Instructor) for details on funding for resources like buses for local schools.



Email vicepres@wmcpa.org or Michelle Lyons mkincaid5@gmail.com

Keynote Speaker Dr. Stefanie Chiras, IBM

Dr. Stefanie Chiras

Vice President of IBM Power Systems Offering Management. As part of the Power Systems brand team, she holds worldwide business responsibility for the successful execution of the Linux on Power offerings and strategy as well as cloud offerings.

Dr. Chiras obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University and then went to the University of California- Santa Barbara for her Masters and Ph.D. in Materials Science. Upon completion of her degrees she joined the Princeton Materials Institute of Princeton University in a research post doctorial capacity collaborating with the Mechanical and Aerospace Department. She is a member of the Society of Women Engineers, IEEE and Women in Technology International.


 Keynote - To Make a Difference - Your Way

Every human has the very same basic need - to make a difference, to have impact , to change his or her surroundings. The ability to accomplish this, however, most often rests on being different, being an individual, and being unique. We all spend years learning the basics and establishing a knowledge base, through school and our social interactions, but the magic of each of us rests in our ability to take that foundational fact base and bring our unique perspective and analysis to it. That is our secret sauce. Impact requires much more than just coming to our own conclusions. It requires the boldness to express those ideas and articulate them in a way that gets heard. The difference that only you can make rests on your courage to be you, be bold and get heard.