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    Don't miss the Experts Panel on Tuesday evening.

    The panel consists of industry speakers each year.  It's an event not to miss.

    Appetizers will be available at 6:00 pm,

    with the Experts Panel "Roundtable" from 7:00-9:00 pm.

    Attendees who register for both days of the conference have will be able to attend an all-day Tuesday session.  They will have a choice between attending a session with Larry Bolhuis on "7.1 System Management" or attending a "Women in Information Technology" event.

    If you want to be a part of this special bonus,
    just check the box when registering online for both days of the conference.

    Full breakfast buffet on Wednesday & Thursday!

    2-days:  $700 (non-member) / $550 (member of any LUG)

    1-day:  $525 (non-member / $400 (member of any LUG)

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IIBM i specialists Dawn May, Charles Guarino, and Alan Seiden tell New York's Times Square about the WMCPA Spring Technical Conference 2014. They meet Spider Man and Big Bird. Charlie befriends a food vendor and gets a free hug.

Conference Sponsors

  • Larry Bolhuis
  • Robert Swanson
  • Richard Milone
  • Mike Pavlak
  • Tom Cremieux
  • Jon Paris
  • Joe Baumgarten
  • Tim Rowe
  • Susan Gantner
  • Alan Jordan
  • Jeff Tickner
  • Jim Oberholtzer
  • Richard Schoen
  • Richard Dolewski
  • Robin Tatam
  • Kim Greene
  • Scott Klement
  • Bruce Vining
  • Charles Guarino
  • Carol Woodbury
  • Alan Seiden
  • Dawn May
  • Aaron Bartell

Lake Lawn Information

The conference will be held at Lake Lawn Resort located on the shores on Delavan Lake. It's location off Highway 50, near Interstate 43 makes it easy to get to from any location. 
Room Rates for the conference are $99 (plus tax) per night. Register online  or call  800.388.5253 and use the following code for Room Reservations: 10E450

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